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Between 28 Oct – 7 Nov 2020, over 500 IEEE-HKN members from around the world came together to interact, learn from one another, and support our global community! Members can now exclusively stream our technical and professional development sessions.
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HKN Experience Key Dates
5 October 2020
12:00pm EDT
Registration Opens
28 October 2020
12:00pm EDT
HKN Experience Begins
28 October 2020
3:00pm EDT
X-Factor: Bob Metcalfe
Inventor of the Ethernet, Metcalf’s Law and co-Founder 3Comm
30 October 2020
3:00pm EDT
X-Factor: Leonard Kleinrock
Inventor of the Apranet, Father of the Internet, theoretical foundations of data transmission in computer networking.
5 November 2020
11:00am EST
Industry and Graduate School Recruiting Fair
7 November 2020
6:00pm EST
IEEE-HKN Awards Ceremony